How to Dress Like an Indian

Going for a trip to India? Or for education? Or want to rock a party with an Indian outfit? Then this is the place for you!


While Travelling In India


  1. You can mix up with the Indian crowd while travelling with these simple tricks! Braid your hair when you wear kurtis. Braiding your hair is a traditional Indian hairstyle!
    • For guys- Indian men normally wear button-down shirts, sewed pants or even t-shirts paired with a jeans. You might not have to do anything different to dress like them.
    • For girls- Indian girls do wear jeans so you can go with them! Just don't wear a low-cut or too short top.
    • For a more Indian look, girls can go with kurtis and leggings. Kurtis are very popular in India and are available in thousands of colors and patterns. Pair a printed top with a plain legging of matching color for the best Indian look.

For an Indian Wedding

  1. For the guys!
    • Wear a kurta pajama. It is the best outfit to go with at an Indian wedding. You can go with a simple cotton one or a designer one. You can buy one yourself, or you can borrow one from somebody you know has one.
  2. Wear a sherwani. Beware: if you haven't worn one before, they can be uncomfortable. They are quite heavy and shiny. But still, you can sport one if you like.


  1. * Wear a dhoti. Like the sherwani, a dhoti is hard to wear; it's almost like wearing a saree. However, if someone is ready to help you, it is a great option for a south Indian wedding.


  1. Girls have more options that guys do for an Indian wedding! Let's have a look on the best of them.
    • Wear a sari. Saris will give you a classic Indian look. You can wear a traditional sari or a designer one. Designer saris are somewhat revealing and have a modern touch, while the traditional saris are modest and simple. Choose a bright color like red and purple for the best look. Let your hair down and do as much makeup as you want! Sarees are best for a Marathi wedding.


  1. *You can also go with a Punjabi suit. You wear a loose pair of pants, a knee length top and a dupatta draped around your shoulders. It looks fabulous if you are petite. Choose good combinations! To go with it, you can fishtail braid your hair!


  1. *Ghagra or lehenga is another good option. Ghagra is a long studded skirt and is paired with a short top that reveals your bellybutton and a long dupatta draped on one shoulder. You can wear long earrings and wear a bindi!



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