How to Dress Like an Indian Woman to Ceremonies

Indian women wear traditional and cultural outfits to ceremonies so if you were invited to an Indian ceremony and you wanna look dress like one for attending it, Follow this simple procedure to dress like an Indian woman!


Selection of clothes

  1. An Indian woman wear thousands of clothes for official meetings, parties and other casual things, they are sometimes fashionable, stylish and good looking or comfortable but when it come to festival, she ought to wear a special kind of clothing!
  2. Choose. To dress like an Indian woman, you have different choices; Saree/Sari, Ghagra choli, Salwar Kameez, Ghagra.
  3. Suitable? If you are wearing a Sari, make sure it suits your skin tone.
    • If you are white-frost, then try wearing Saris in color light pink or light blue, or light green or yellow or even orange(any light color that suits you)
    • If your a shade darker,then try wearing Purple, ruby, vermillion,orange, blue,green or any shade of pink(any medium light or medium dark color that suits you perfectly)
    • If you are chocolate brown or a bit lighter than that try wearing any dark color
  4. Wear silky saris to impress them. Usually, silky clothing are usually deemed to look more stylish because firstly, silk is quite expensive and secondly silk has the right contrast at the right place and it looks expensive when wearing. It may make you look rich and luxurious.
  5. The same procedure mentioned above goes for Salwar-Kameez, Ghagra Choli and Ghagra.


Adorning your hair

  1. After choosing the Sari you are going to wear, pick a good Indian hairstyle to go with it.
  2. You can choose any hairstyle like; Plait or braid, French plait or braid, Bun, Pin up or use a clutch to clip your fringes and the first layer of your hair together, e. t.c.
  3. Adorn. After doing your hair, it would be nice,pleasant and wonderful thing if you added some flowers to your well combed hair.
  4. Make a string of flowers by stitching it together
  5. Using a hairpin, clip the string of flowers to your head


  1. The final touch to it is jewellery.
  2. Wearing some fashionable jewellery goes well with Indians because jewellery add a glimpse or touch of glamor to your look.
  3. If you are wearing a sari, you can wear golden necklaces or any diamond necklace.
  4. With it you can wear golden bangles,golden anklets, golden earrings and any other jewellery. Jewelry%20Gold%20Bracelet%20is%20Golden%20Luxury.jpg



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