How to Dress Like an NCR Courier

We all know the legend of Courier Six, from Fallout: New Vegas. But we don't know much about the couriers themselves, do we? But for whatever reason you might need, this article will teach you to cosplay one.


  1. Get a plain grey t-shirt.
  2. Wear a dark plaid button-up shirt over it.
  3. Wear a pair of old, worn jeans.
  4. Wear a plain fedora or straw hat.
  5. Wear a pair of cheap sunglasses.
  6. Wear some plain gloves. Preferable colors would be black, grey, tan, or brown.
  7. Now for the fun part: make an NCR satchel. Get a plain tan bookbag/satchel, and paint the NCR insignia on it with clothing paint.



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