How to Dress Like an NCR Ranger

The NCR Rangers: the fearless Desert Rangers, fighting for a new world. That was the notion of the Rangers in Fallout: New Vegas. With this simple article, you will easily be able to create an exact NCR Ranger costume.


  1. Find a tan or brown button-up shirt. Roll up the sleeves a bit.Having%20fun%20in%20Fallout%20%20New%20Vegas%201.jpg
  2. Find a pair of jeans, camouflage pants, or brown or tan cargo pants. Use a cheap leather belt.
  3. Time to accessorize. Get a red bandana. Tie it loosely over your neck. Find a pair of sunglasses. Get a pair of grey or brown gloves.
  4. Wear a pair of cowboy boots. This is not necessary. Any kind of boots or thick shoes will suffice.
  5. Get a tan or brown fedora.


Things You'll Need

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