How to Dress Like an Old School Emo

Can't stand the new scene? Are you tired of the drab and dull music which has become passed off under the Emo genre? Here's a way to get yourself in the style of the older generation, back when the genre still matched it's emotional-hardcore roots.


  1. Get the pants. Flat fronted or tight jeans the staples. Cuff them once.Dress%20Like%20an%20Old%20School%20Emo%20Step%201.jpg
  2. Get the shoes. Wear a pair of chucks. Tatty is preferential, you don't need brand new shoes here, they're just a waste of money and timeDress%20Like%20an%20Old%20School%20Emo%20Step%202.jpg
  3. Get the top. There are several options here:Dress%20Like%20an%20Old%20School%20Emo%20Step%203.jpg
    • Band shirts are a classic choice. Try older emo like Sunny Day Real Estate, Pg 99, Saetia, Jimmy Eat World, Drive Like Jehu, etc.
  4. Get the extra stuff if you want. If you have bad vision, you're in luck!Dress%20Like%20an%20Old%20School%20Emo%20Step%204.jpg
    • Thick, black-rimmed glasses are very in vogue. Wear yours with pride. If you don't need glasses, either don't wear them or get non-prescription ones. And make sure that you get lots of bracelets and wristbands, and wear them all at once. Fingerless gloves, studded belts, bandanas, dog tags, and rubber bracelets work well.
  5. Get the right type of music. Dress%20Like%20an%20Old%20School%20Emo%20Step%205.jpg
    • Rites of Spring
    • Embrace
    • Yage
    • Moss Icon
    • Indian Summer
    • The Sea, The Sea
    • Twelve Hour Turn
    • I Hate Myself
    • Braid
    • Belle Epoque
    • Antioch Arrow
    • Amanda Woodward
    • Aussitôt Mort
    • American Football



Things You'll Need

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