How to Dress Like an Undercover Celeb

Dress%20Like%20Undercover%20Celeb%20Intro.jpgDo you ever want to go out to the mall and make people wonder if you are famous? Here's how you can make heads turn!


  1. Get the hair. Most celebs go for a low-key look when out in the world. One of the most common is the classic messy bun. If necessary, lightly curl your hair, or leave it as is and throw it up in a sloppy chic bun.
  2. Disguise your "identity. " Okay, you may not be a real celebrity. But that doesn't mean you can't hide yourself from the paparazzi! Rock the gigantic sunglasses and floppy hat combo like you've been to the Oscars.
  3. Go for an oversized 'I spent last night on set' top. Try a big tee, or even a flowy blouse. Anything comfy but stylish. If it's chilly, try a sharp jacket over your oversized top, or in the summer, a vintage crop top.
  4. Get the designer jeans-- or at least a look-alike. Because nothing goes better with an 'I don't care tee' than a $200 pair of jeans, right? If you can't pull off the price tag, go for any brand of simple jeans in a dark wash.
  5. Tie it together with the shoes. Lots of celebs are seen schlepping around LA in flip-flops, Ugg boots (or knockoffs), or oxford-style shoes. Anything neutral and simple will coordinate well with the rest of your outfit.
  6. Walk around with a cup of coffee. Because every celebrity needs a little pick-me-up after a night at the club or on the set. A Starbucks venti latte would be perfect, or whatever chic, local coffee available where you live.
  7. Carry around all your valuable celebrity loot in a jumbo hobo bag. Who knows what celebrities pack around in those things? Whatever you need (plus the kitchen sink) will fit comfortably into the huge handbags so ubiquitous in Hollywood.
  8. And finally-- most important of all-- dodge all cameras. Guy across the street holding his phone up suspiciously? Family photo in front of a local landmark? Security at the grocery store? Turn your face or risk ending up in the tabloids!


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