How to Dress Like the Hamburglar for Halloween

The Hamburglar is one of McDonald's loved characters. Follow these simple steps to dress like him for Halloween.


  1. For the main part of the costume, wear black and white horizontal striped clothing. If you can find a one-piece, congratulations! If not, find a long sleeve shirt and long pants that have the same width stripes.
  2. Wear red (flat) shoes.
  3. Wear red gloves.
  4. Get a black eye mask (like in Zorro) and top it with a bandit's hat, also in black.
  5. Find, or make, a black cape.
  6. Add a red tie that matches (or is close to) your gloves and shoes.
  7. Bring along some hamburgers, preferably not stolen. These are a great accessory to complete your costume.



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