How to Dress Like the Ninth Doctor

Many people love cosplaying so why not dress like Nine?


The Looks

  1. Get the hair right
    • Have a close to shaved head.
  2. Dark, preferably brown hair works best.
  3. Try to get it cut in the Ninth doctors style.
  4. Acquire a shirt
    • Get a V-Neck shirt that is a dark color, preferably burgundy.
  5. Different colors also work such as cactus green, purple, navy etc.
  6. Get a Jacket
    • The main part of Nine's outfit is his jacket.
  7. He has a medium length leather coat with large lapels and buttons.
  8. Find Pants
    • The Ninth doctor has slightly loose black pants
  9. Wear Some Shoes
    • Get a pair of black psuedo-fancy "dress shoes" to walk around in.
  10. Accesories, Accesories.
    • Nine always has his sonic screwdriver with him.
    • Maybe have some psychic paper in your leather wallet

The Personality

  1. Acting like Nine
    • Nine was traumatized after the Last Great Time War but after some adventures with Rose and some other events, he possessed a new appreciation for the universe.
    He could take control over groups and had a high sense of authority.
  2. Habits and Quirks
    • Catchphrases are beneficial for pretending to be the doctor, make sure to say "Fantastic" in seeing something of interest.
  3. Have a Northern accent, even if all planets do have a North
  4. Bring a Banana, they're good.



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