How to Dress Modestly for a Mormon Church (for Females)

Modesty and grace in dressing are expected of Mormon women when attending church and related Mormon functions. It is very easy to achieve modesty and still remain fashionable. If you already have a wardrobe, you can probably recombine it and end up with something appropriate. You will be wearing a skirt and a matching shirt, or a dress, with appropriate shoes.


  1. Know what to avoid. Dress%20Modestly%20for%20a%20Mormon%20Church%20(for%20Females)%20Step%201.jpg
    • Skirts or dresses that are too short. If the skirt is two inches above the knee then it is too short.Dress%20Modestly%20for%20a%20Mormon%20Church%20(for%20Females)%20Step%201Bullet1.jpg
    • Clothing that is too tight. Clothes don't have to be overly baggy or ill-fitting to be "modest", but they should not cling to your body. It can be fitted but if the cloth has to stretch for you to put your hand under it, it's a bit too tight.Dress%20Modestly%20for%20a%20Mormon%20Church%20(for%20Females)%20Step%201Bullet2.jpg
    • Shirts that are see-through. Pair these with a modest t-shirt or other top underneath if you wish to wear them. Use your best judgment.Dress%20Modestly%20for%20a%20Mormon%20Church%20(for%20Females)%20Step%201Bullet3.jpg
    • Sleeveless shirts. Capped sleeves are okay, just no halter tops, or shirts with straps.Dress%20Modestly%20for%20a%20Mormon%20Church%20(for%20Females)%20Step%201Bullet4.jpg
    • Any shirt that is too low cut in the front or back. Also, it is inappropriate to wear t-shirts with slogans on them, especially to church. Also, don't wear any garments that have lots of skin showing or bra backs or straps.Dress%20Modestly%20for%20a%20Mormon%20Church%20(for%20Females)%20Step%201Bullet5.jpg
    • Don't wear flip-flops or other beach-styled shoes. Dressy sandals are fine. You can still have fun with your shoes, wear heals or pumps, just don't make them too outlandish.. make sure you look nice!Dress%20Modestly%20for%20a%20Mormon%20Church%20(for%20Females)%20Step%201Bullet6.jpg
    • Avoid looking overly casual.Dress%20Modestly%20for%20a%20Mormon%20Church%20(for%20Females)%20Step%201Bullet7.jpg
  2. The Sabbath is a special day and by coming to church you are visiting the Lord's house, so put your best foot forward and make sure that what you are wearing is neat and clean and the best of what you have. Dress%20Modestly%20for%20a%20Mormon%20Church%20(for%20Females)%20Step%202.jpg
    • Some Mormon gatherings are formal even if it is not on Sunday so check before you decide what to wear.Dress%20Modestly%20for%20a%20Mormon%20Church%20(for%20Females)%20Step%202Bullet1.jpg
  3. Express your individuality with your style. As long as you dress modestly, anything else is basically up to you. Be yourself.Dress%20Modestly%20for%20a%20Mormon%20Church%20(for%20Females)%20Step%203.jpg



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