How to Dress Modestly in Middle School

Are you the type who wants to be modest but at the same time you want to appear fashionable and someone that others look to for style sense andtrends? Here are some hints on how to get there.


  1. Remove all revealing clothing from your wardrobe. Did you fall for the craze that has young girls looking like women in their 20s or evenolder?! Do you have tops with way too off-shoulder sleeves, skirts with too-long slits, skirts with lengths that barely cover your backside? If so, it is time to get rid of these! They don't look so great on older women and they certainly don't look great on a girl. These will not help you in the long run either. It might be enticing to a creepy guy, but if you want to look nice for someone who likes you for you--not your clothes--lose these now!Dress%20Modestly%20in%20Middle%20School%20Step%201.jpg
  2. Purchase magazines that pride themselves on timeless style. Vogue is one example but you should do your own research and find magazines that appeal to you. Also visit the library and look in thefashion section for your own ideas. Movie stars might provide further ideas.Dress%20Modestly%20in%20Middle%20School%20Step%202.jpg
  3. Plan a newwardrobe. Classic styles that work really well and looksmart, alluring and create a sense ofpersonal style include:Dress%20Modestly%20in%20Middle%20School%20Step%203.jpg
    • A-line skirts in quality fabricDress%20Modestly%20in%20Middle%20School%20Step%203Bullet1.jpg
    • Longer length skirts in quality fabric
    • Well tailored shirts, shorts, pants, jackets
    • Sweaters in cashmere, silk blends, pure wool, angora etc. are great in muted colors or with basic patterns.
  4. Keep makeup to a minimum. You are young and have beautiful skin, facial expressions and no wrinkles. Why try to hide that? Look for "natural makeup" tutorials and use very light colors.Dress%20Modestly%20in%20Middle%20School%20Step%204.jpg
  5. Keep accessories neat and few. You do not need to be lugging around a hope chest of glorifying objects in your hands or on your body. Be free-spirited and wear only quality jewelry pieces and only a few pieces at any one time. One solid gold bangle is perfectly fine to show your refined tastes. Choose a smaller, sassier handbag than a large, loud one.Dress%20Modestly%20in%20Middle%20School%20Step%205.jpg
  6. Choose good quality shoes. People always look at shoes and whether they mean to or not, they make judgments on the quality of your shoes. Purchase shoes that look good and are good. If you cannot afford top quality shoes, purchase lesser quality ones in black, as black shoes tend to fool the eye more and project more quality. And always remember quality, not quantity.Dress%20Modestly%20in%20Middle%20School%20Step%206.jpg
  7. Be aware of the power of color. Color is important: always choose a color that suits you well and is not a garish, fluorescent shade. Elegant patterns are far more modest than big bold patterns such as leopard prints and zig-zags. Pay close attention when mixing and matching colors.Dress%20Modestly%20in%20Middle%20School%20Step%207.jpg
  8. Walk tall. More than anything, be proud to be a young woman who has good taste and knows it. Hold your head up, be confident, smile and tell yourself that you are a valuable individual. You will set the standard for elegance in your year.Dress%20Modestly%20in%20Middle%20School%20Step%208.jpg



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