How to Dress Neo Grunge

Elder%20Son%20%20%20The%20Neo%20Grunge%20Look.jpgNeo Grunge is a contemporary fashion statement that displays a lack of acceptance of the status quo, and a healthy dose of rebellion against an otherwise conformist society.


  1. Dress down. It starts with a burst of inspiration to be unmotivated in your dress. Neo grunge is a beautiful paradox. Think elegantly disheveled hair. Bed head that you gel into place every morning.
  2. Take all your clean clothes and add a little something. A patch, a wallet chain, whatever. Or subtract: rip those Levi's just a bit to show just how street you are.
    • Plaid=win
  3. Find some creative colors. Grunge was about the dull and the street. Neo grunge is about making that disheveled look a clear choice. And how better to do that then with some vibrant colors for your plaid button down?
  4. Get the attitude down. Neo grunge fashion is not just a clothing style, it's a way of life. Be the mess you perceive in the world. People will get it, and they'll love you for it. Think a cross between Cobain and Gandhi. We are the generation of change. Rock it.



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