How to Dress Nerd Chic (for Boys)

Once upon a time, nerds were ridiculed and taunted. But now, as society advances, with computers becoming a daily necessity and intelligence becoming more important than brawn, Nerds are the new leaders. Because of that, Nerd Chic has evolved, a style based on the nerd classics such as glasses and argyle and giving a new modern twist. if you think nerd Chic is the right style for you, keep on reading.


  1. Start with glasses. If you are already wearing glasses that's great, if you don't need glasses, then look into getting non-prescription ones if you are willing to take the leap. The two best kind of glasses to wear for nerd chic are the large 'Capote' style glasses. Or the thick rimmed glasses.Dress%20Nerd%20Chic%20(for%20Boys)%20Step%201.jpg
  2. For clothing, wear a button-up shirt, preferably a solid color, buttoned up to the second button. Now you can layer this with a variety of different things: a complimentary-colored sweater vest, pinstriped vest, argyle sweater, simple cardigan (perhaps in grey or blue), or slim track jacket. Top layers for colder weather include pea coats and corduroy jackets.Dress%20Nerd%20Chic%20(for%20Boys)%20Step%202.jpg
    • For pants, you can go with simple dark-washed jeans. Skinny jeans go well, but if you are uncomfortable, then loose but not baggy pants are okay.
    • Shoes can be anything simple and sleek. Sports shoes and runners are a no, because they are too clunky and, let's face it, you aren't the most athletic. Converse, Vans or any kind of canvas shoe are good.
  3. Accessory-wise there is a variety of things to complete the look. Have a canvas bag, messenger bag, or any bag slung over one shoulder. A thick paperback that is dog-eared and old. Buttons on your chest or on your bag (only a few, don't go over board). A tie or a scarf.Dress%20Nerd%20Chic%20(for%20Boys)%20Step%203.jpg


Things You'll Need

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