How to Dress Nerdy or Preppy (for Girls)

This article is for girls who like that preppy/nerdy look but that are not totally nerdy...this look is 'soft-nerd'.


  1. This look is all about dressing fresh, clean, classic and slightly nerdy. To really succeed at this look you need to tone down any highly sexy clothes and save them for the nighttime - this makes your sexy clothes look hotter and more effective in comparison to your everyday preppy/nerd lookDress%20Nerdy%20or%20Preppy%20(for%20Girls)%20Step%201.jpg
  2. Invest in some basics of this look. Buy some classic polo shirts in your favorite colors. Go for a longer length in them as traditional 'square' ones look a bit too sporty. Also buy some dark, uniform wash jeans, think navy or black, in a boot cut, straight or skinny leg. Remember to alter this to your shape.Dress%20Nerdy%20or%20Preppy%20(for%20Girls)%20Step%202.jpg
  3. Sweaters and cardigans are a good idea too but do not wear them too long or you verge on looking like a grandmother. Knitted mini dresses with dark opaque tights make a very good look for winter. Man-style shirts and traditional ladies shirts look cool with denims and mini skirts - wear them buttoned high. Peter pan collars are an excellent and more feminine version of a traditional polo shirt.Dress%20Nerdy%20or%20Preppy%20(for%20Girls)%20Step%203.jpg
  4. Tailored shorts(they can be short shorts! ) look really good during the summer months but do not team them with high heels!! You can wear them with Keds-style pumps, trainers or a preppy espadrille wedge shoe.Dress%20Nerdy%20or%20Preppy%20(for%20Girls)%20Step%204.jpg
  5. On that note footwear should comprise of cute pumps. ..most pumps are cute so you can be adventurous with colors. Low profile trainers like Keds, simple Nikes, Adidas or eco-sneaks look good.Dress%20Nerdy%20or%20Preppy%20(for%20Girls)%20Step%205.jpg
  6. Avoid brash slogan t-shirts but buy a couple of cute cartoon and branded t-shirts i. e. coca cola, superman etc.Dress%20Nerdy%20or%20Preppy%20(for%20Girls)%20Step%206.jpg
  7. A loosely fitted mannish blazer or a cropped tan/black suede or leather jacket look quite edgy nerd. Dress%20Nerdy%20or%20Preppy%20(for%20Girls)%20Step%207.jpg



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