How to Dress Nicely for School

Is it morning and you still haven't decided what to wear for school and you are getting frustrated? Take a look here!


  1. First things first, pick out a shirt or tank top that you think will fit nicely that day. For now, the color does not totally matter unless you plan to JUST wear that.
  2. After putting on your undershirt, pick out a sweater. Anything from cardigans to pull-overs will do, just make sure it feels comfortable. Try not to have too much of a bright color, or it may "pop" to much and be overwhelming.
  3. Pick out a pair of pants. Jeans or sweatpants are nice when you have a casual top, or you could wear jeggings, uniform pants, or leggings when you desire to be a bit more fancy. Make sure your pants match your top!
  4. Add any accesories that you think will make your outfit better!
  5. Pick out a nice pair of shoes. To be casual, sneakers will do, or even Toms.


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