How to Dress Pastel/Soft Grunge

Hey! Are you inspired by all the pastel grunge girls ALL OVER TUMBLR? Do you want to dress like them? If so, this article is for you!


  1. Look up some pictures for inspiration! You can type soft grunge outfits into tumblr or google images. Look at some of the pictures and save a few you like the style of.
  2. Go shopping in your own closet! Look in your closet for things you can change to make them fit the theme more. A plain white tee could be turned into a pastel tie die one! A pair of plain jeans can be turned into a pair of acid wash jeans!
  3. Go to the mall! You can find nice jeans at stores like Abercrombie and Garage. Garage also has cute tops that would fit the pastel grunge theme well! Also look in thrift shops, you can find some great stuff! Forever 21 has really cute tops and skirts! As well as accessories!
  4. Tops. Some basic tops to have are: 1 black tee, 1 white tee, 2 graphic tees, 1 tie die shirt, 1 sweatshirt, 1 sweaters, and 2 tank tops.
  5. Bottoms. Some basic bottoms to have are: 1 pair of black jeans, one pair of dark wash jeans, one pair of light wash jeans, one pair of colored/acid wash jeans, 3 pairs of leggings (2 plain, one patterned), 2 basic colored skirts, and 3 shorts.
  6. Shoes. Some basic shoes to have are: 1 pair of combat boots, 1 pair of sneakers, 1 pair of sandals, 1 pair of dress shoes, and 1 pair of comfy/casual shoes.
  7. Accessories. Some basic accessories to have are: 3-4 simple bracelets that you can layer, 1 simple necklace, a black choker necklace, 2 simple scarves, 2 simple beanies, and 3 headbands.
  8. Makeup. Makeup isn't a necessity, but here are some simple things to have: 1 black mascara, 1 black eyeliner, 1 nude eyeshadow palette, 1 chapstick (EOS are great), 1 red/maroon lipstick, and concealer.


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