How to Dress Pretty (Preteen Girls)

Have you ever been stuck on what to wear? Well if you still have that you have come to the right place.


  1. Remember to be modest: don't wear just a tank top and some shorts. You can put a cardigan or a cute scarf that will work.
  2. When you are deciding what to wear, think about colors that go together like blue and pink or green and yellow.
  3. Choose colors that go well with your skin color. For example, if you are very tan don't wear orange, but if you are pale, wear colors like blue and pink.
  4. Wear clothes that look good on you.
  5. Don't wear giant bows and sequined dresses. Wear clothes that don't make you look like you are rich and tacky. But remember not to look like you did when you were five and your grandma dressed you.
  6. Have fun. Do your own thing. Go by your own style, be it loose-fitting clothes or tight. Just target your own style.
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