How to Dress Properly for Body Type

Dressing to suit your body type is one of the best ways to flatter and balance your figure.


  1. Determine your body type. The most general are: hourglass (curvy), ruler, athletic, petite, pear, tall, and apple.Dress%20Properly%20for%20Body%20Type%20Step%201.jpg
    • Curvy. You are curvy if you have a wide bust and hips, creating an hourglass shape.
    • Ruler/athletic. You are a ruler if you have a narrow bust and hips yet not much of a waist.
    • Petite. You are petite if you have a small to medium frame and are 5'4 or under (as a woman, of course).
    • Tall. You are tall if you are 5'7 or over.
    • Pear and apple. You are a pear if you have accentuated hips that create a 'pear' look. You are an apple if you have an emphasized bust or wide chest, creating almost a heart look.
  2. Learn to dress to flatter your style. Dress%20Properly%20for%20Body%20Type%20Step%202.jpg
    • Curvy. Don't be afraid to flaunt your curves! Hourglass figures can pull off almost anything. Trousers and flare pants are great for visually shedding pounds off your hips and lengthening your legs (try pants with at least 3% spandex for a cute but comfortable pair). Knee-length shapely skirts are great for proportioning your hips and thighs. Some other great fashion pieces for curvy figures: thick belts; wrap tops; scoop, rounded, and boat neck tops; sweaters, cardigans, or tops with vertical ruffles (but stay away from horizontal ruffles), and anything with solid or big patterns (small patterns will make you look bigger).
    • Ruler/athletic. You have a very nice, slim figure! You just need to emphasize a waist, bust, and hips. Luckily, this isn't too hard. Great fashion pieces for ruler/athletic figures: skirts and belts worn at the waist; tops detailed at the bust; v-neck, boat neck, or scoop neck tops; sleeveless or spaghetti-strapped tops; tank tops; leggings, and skinny jeans. Avoid straight cuts, a-lines, and bell bottoms (flare jeans with a little more- well, flare).
    • Petite. Petite figures also have a wide array of available fashions! You need clothes that visually lengthen and add height. Great fashion pieces for a petite figure: fitted clothing (anything too loose will shorten you); high heels; short skirts and shorts; low-rise jeans; long shirts; dark pants and skirts; vertical stripes, and a-line patterns. Avoid capris and 'boyfriend' jeans.
    • Tall. You have a great shape that can pull off almost anything! If you have a medium-large frame, also look in curvy, apple, or pear (whichever applies) for more fashion advice that will suit you. Most tall people tend to be very small framed, but of course if you aren't, you can still look great! Tall people really want to bring their height to attention. Great fashion pieces for a tall figure: a-line patterns; short or long skirts; skinny, straight-legged, or boot cut jeans; fitted clothing; vertical stripes; long shirts, virtually anything!
    • Pear. You want clothes that balance your broad hips to emphasize the rest of your beauty. Great fashion pieces for a pear-shaped figure: flare or bell bottoms; tops with lots of detail at the bust; flared skirts; solid-colored denim (without fading or highlights); knee-length flared dresses; puffed sleeves, and 'army' style jackets.
    • Apple. You have a beautiful figure which can be balanced through fashion. Great fashion pieces for an apple-shaped figure: tops with a tie or belt under the bust; shorts or shorter skirts; deep v-necks and scoop necks; skirts worn at the waist; long shirts; black or grey tops; tops with thick vertical stripes; detailed or patterned bottoms, and straight-legged or flare pants.
  3. Be comfortable in your skin! We all are uniquely beautiful with unique bodies. Celebrate that and treat yourself right!Dress%20Properly%20for%20Body%20Type%20Step%203.jpg



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