How to Dress Properly for a Formal Christmas

All the times when you had nothing to wear and a billionaire friend of your dad's was coming over, your judgmental aunt was staring you down, or you got shifty looks due to being under-dressed can disappear this Christmas. There is no need for anything expensive. You just need a few practical Christmas clothes.


  1. Know the colors. Traditional Christmas colors are red, green, white, and gold. But, traditional Christmas isn't all Christmas. Feel free to spice it up with some winter blues and plums. Or, dress in a dazzling black dress. The possibilities are endless!Dress%20Properly%20for%20a%20Formal%20Christmas%20Step%201.jpg
  2. Acquire the basics. The basic formal holiday attire is pretty simple. For girls, a ruffled cardigan, short dress, long dress, pantyhose, heels, flats, a blouse, and dress pants are all you need. For guys, a blazer, oxford shirt, dress shoes, trousers, and dress socks make a simply elegant outfit.Dress%20Properly%20for%20a%20Formal%20Christmas%20Step%202.jpg
  3. Choose the right color and style. Girls should work feminine and frilly styles while guys need to work the simple and masculine look. Feminine clothes would be in any pastel shade, red, pink, purple, blue, white, and gold. Avoid black at all costs. Ruffles, sequins, spots, and sparkles are perfect. Going a little frou-frou is perfectly acceptable. Men work darker colors best. Solid and pinstripes are the best patterns for men. Plaid is occasionally acceptable, but be aware that it isn't very formal.Dress%20Properly%20for%20a%20Formal%20Christmas%20Step%203.jpg
  4. Pair the best combos together. A short dress should go with the ruffled cardigan, colored pantyhose and ballet flats, as high heels make it look too sexy. On the flip side, a long dress should be paired with high heels. The blouse should go with the dress pants and cardigan. Avoid skirts as a woman; they are only acceptable for children on Christmas. An oxford shirt goes with the slacks, dress shoes, and socks, blazer optional.Dress%20Properly%20for%20a%20Formal%20Christmas%20Step%204.jpg
  5. Perfect your hygiene. You must be clean or else all will go out the window. Wash your hair and condition it, wash your body and apply lotion, wear deodorant, shave your legs and armpits, and apply a light perfume or cologne.Dress%20Properly%20for%20a%20Formal%20Christmas%20Step%205.jpg
  6. Girls must perfect the makeup and hair. Apply foundation, concealer, eye shadow, eyeliner, bronzer, blush, mascara, lipstick, or whatever you want. Accentuate either your eyes or lips. Straighten or curl your hair and leave it down, put it in a half up, a French twist, French braid, or beautiful bun. Don't use too much hairspray.Choose%20Diamond%20Earrings%20Step%207.jpg
  7. Guys need to properly groom all of their hair. Make sure your hair is perfectly coiffed. Not a single hair should be loose. Don't make it too stiff though; you should be able to run your fingers through it. Also, groom your facial hair. It is best to shave your face since beards and mustaches do not suit most. Ladies prefer a clean shaven man to a hairy man. If you do have facial hair, keep it straight and well groomed. Comb it out. If there are any grey facial hairs, either dye them or shave them.Dress%20Properly%20for%20a%20Formal%20Christmas%20Step%207.jpg
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