How to Dress Punk at a Catholic School

If you're true punk, yet your parents send you to a catholic school that you don't want to go to, here is a guide to stand out and not completely conform. Of course if nonconformity got you put there, as an alternative, then you can still experiment with your style, and you might get a good education -- if you show your skills. Try to have some fun without serious troubles by not being really rebellious: not mean, rude or too obvious.


  1. Be creative, not bad toward other people. Punk clothing is sort of about being messy or uncoordinated, dressing the way you want, going against the mainstream styles... but you can choose to be more moderate and not over the top if you want some peace and quiet.Dress%20Punk%20at%20a%20Catholic%20School%20Step%201.jpg
  2. Realize that hair is a major issue at catholic school, because they say no extreme hairstyles or colors. Dress%20Punk%20at%20a%20Catholic%20School%20Step%202.jpg
    • If you go to school with a new haircut like a mohawk, you'll see what they mean. If they tell you to "even" it, or shave it off, but you don't, then you may be suspended.
    • If you're a girl, extremely short hair or a bald head is extreme, but there may be little they will do other than to require a head covering, because you'll have so little hair.
    • Also if you want to color your hair extreme, without being non-reversible, dye it a bright "natural" color like red, bleach it blond, or dye it a very dark natural color or black.
  3. Paint your nails dark with light colored tips, or in a few different colors. Dress%20Punk%20at%20a%20Catholic%20School%20Step%203.jpg
  4. Decorate your book bag with patches, key chains, and pins about your favorite things. Dress%20Punk%20at%20a%20Catholic%20School%20Step%204.jpg
  5. Wear as many accessories as you are allowed. Do whatever you can to the uniform to make it interesting. If you have a choice between pants and skirts, decide which you like and adjust the length and over-size. Put safety pins on. Roll up your sleeves. Change to slightly contrasting shoelaces. Wear very dark or light leggings, and if you want, "run" them to see how that will be accepted.Dress%20Punk%20at%20a%20Catholic%20School%20Step%205.jpg



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