How to Dress Scemo

Dress%20Scemo%20Intro.jpgSo you like the styles of emo but you also like scene style and music, why not just merge the 2 styles together both the music and the image!


  1. Slightly brighten up elements of your clothing slowly, not too fast as then you would be known as a poser!
  2. Explore scene music and how some of it is similar to emo, e. g Brokencyde.
  3. Same style shoes to be worn as emo but with bolder brighter colours, perhaps swap the laces to pretty girly ones, most often neon pink.
  4. Emo/scene style brands are: Airwalk,Vans, Converse and DCs.
  5. Same make-up can be worn but with bolder shadows for example neon pink, yellow and blue. You don't have to stick to generic black eye liner either! Experiment colours like purple, green and neon orange work well with almost all Scemo style outfits.
  6. Try emo music. Bands would be The Get Up Kids, Saetia, Rites of Spring, Matchbook Romance and Weezer.


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