How to Dress Semi Formal for Teens

Calling all teenagers! Have you ever been invited to a party, formal interview, or ceremony and didn't know how to dress? If you are in need of some helpful dressing tips, then THIS is the article for you.


  1. Go to your closet. Although this might be the most obvious step, many people feel as if they need to go shopping. Look for staples you already have such as plain dresses, cardigans, or skirts.Dress%20Semi%20Formal%20for%20Teens%20Step%201.jpg
  2. Once you have looked through your clothes, pick one main piece to base your outfit around. A plain dress at least finger tip length is a great starting item.Dress%20Semi%20Formal%20for%20Teens%20Step%202.jpg
  3. Choose accessories. A cute sweater, pair of ballet flats, or pearl necklace are great additions to the dress. This is what most semi-formal looks should include. Of course you could swap out the dress for a blouse, and add dress pants or a tasteful skirt. But remember, nothing TOO formal. There is no need to wear heels, a gown, flashing jewelry, or dark colors. Most of the time a semi-formal look is for a daytime event, therefor you should wear light colors.Dress%20Semi%20Formal%20for%20Teens%20Step%203.jpg
  4. Take a look and decide if it is appropriate. After you have completed your look, ask yourself a few questions to see if the outfit is appropriate. Would your dad approve? Would you wear this to church? A semi-formal look should be tasteful and classy. Semi-formal outfits should be less dressy than what you would wear to prom, but more formal than what you would wear to school.Dress%20Semi%20Formal%20for%20Teens%20Step%204.jpg



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