How to Dress Sexy Without Your Parents Knowing

Do you want to dress sexy and maturely but your parents don't let you? Read this article so you can dress like that anyway.


  1. Go shopping with friends, no parents allowed. Buy a huge, fashionable bag. It must be able to fit an outfit and shoes in it. Buy some of the desired parent approved clothes. Buy them and then put in your bag. Buy parent approved clothes+shoes and put in big bag. Then go home.Dress%20Sexy%20Without%20Your%20Parents%20Knowing%20Step%201.jpg
  2. Switch. Next time you go out, put on parent approved clothes before you leave, and parent denied clothes in your bag or on under neath sweats and a hoodie. When your parents say you can go, you can go to a private area in in your yard away from a window first,change into the "inappropriate" clothes and put the approved clothes into your bags. Put on the "inappropriate" shoes. Leave your yard or private area and go to the place you want.Dress%20Sexy%20Without%20Your%20Parents%20Knowing%20Step%202.jpg
  3. Change back. When you come back, go back to your private area and change. change back into appropriate clothes and shoes, and go back inside,if your parents ask if where you were have a backup plan like say you were at the library but make sure your friend is gone when you leave so she can say she was with you. Repeat this every time you go out without your parents.Dress%20Sexy%20Without%20Your%20Parents%20Knowing%20Step%203.jpg
  4. You can also wear clothes that are provocative but put a zip-up or hoodie over it and then leave the house and take the top layer off. This way if you get caught you can say you are wearing the same thing you were earlier you just got hot and took off the top layer.Dress%20Sexy%20Without%20Your%20Parents%20Knowing%20Step%204.jpg



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