How to Dress Sexy (for Larger Women)

Being curvaceous and wearing bigger than a size 12 doesn't mean you can't dress to impress. If you are considered "plus size", there are many ways to flaunt your style and show off your sexy side.


  1. Consider your wardrobe. Baggy, loose clothing is not sexy on most people. Go for form-fitting, curve-enhancing pieces that cater to your style and your body image.
  2. Curvy%20fit.jpgKnow what pieces are form-fitting and curve-enhancing for the bigger girls. Most jeans will have a "curvy-fit" option available, which has extra room in the booty and the hips. This means that they taper down the leg, hugging your form rather than falling off of it because you needed more room in the caboose. When choosing a colour for your jeans, remember: black is slimming. Lighter jeans also tend to cling to you in unwanted areas: dark jeans will mask this.
    • Jessica Simpson offers curvy-fit jeans for women, or if you're looking for something a little less expensive, Old Navy also has plus-size options. Old Navy offers plus sized jeans up to a 20 in the regular women's section and from a 14 and up in the plus sized section. Check both sections and if you are a size 20 or under, you will spend less money for the same jeans and have a broader selection if you shop in the regular size.
    • You can wear crop tops! They look best with very structured, high-wasted pants or skirts (make sure they come above the belly-button). But always remember to choose what you show off! If you are going to show a little belly, wear a longer skirt/pant, and keep your chest mostly covered. Also think about the occasion. If you are going to the club, you can show a little cleavage. In general with a crop top, it's best to choose between having your chest or arms showing as well. A little belly is sexy, and you can always push the boundaries with how much/little you want to show.
  3. Rsz_2peplum.jpgTry peplum. Peplum is a popular look meant to accentuate the hips and create the illusion of an hour-glass shape. You might have an hour-glass shape already and simply want to reinforce it! Peplum tops and dresses will bring the focus to your hips and away from your torso and legs (which may be areas from which you want to detract attention). Peplum works best as formal/dressy attire, but depending on what you pair it with (and the type of peplum), you can wear it any time, any way.
  4. Use belts to define your waistline. Belts worn around the middle can act like a garter and help to shape your body. They are also great accessories, so don't be afraid to find some fun-looking ones. Belts with a wide breadth separate your body into visible sections which is elongating to the eye.
  5. Accentuate your best features. Beautiful eyes? Wear make-up that puts them in the spotlight. Love your arms? Show them off! Proud of your chest? By all means. But, when it comes to "revealing clothing," be careful...Beautifuleyesxx.jpg Revealing clothing can easily make you look sloppy or like you're trying too hard. Definitely stick to well made pieces that actually fit. A general rule of thumb: ignore clothing sizes and wear what fits. Even if you want to wear the smaller size, if you're having trouble breathing, go ahead and move up to what fits you! On the flip side, don't overestimate your size either. Take your measurements and that will help you navigate retailer variances in sizes so you always know what will work. This is especially helpful for online shopping!
  6. Know which areas you would like to show more skin or would not. If you feel comfortable with your long legs, rock that short skirt! But if you're insecure with your stomach, wearing a crop top or form fitting outfit won't make you feel comfortable. This isn't just with curvy girls, this tip is for everyone!
  7. Be modest with your cleavage. There's a rule in fashion that says if you show off one, cover the other. If you've already got your skirt or your dress going (which should come to around your knees), leave the chest for another day. Few things can ruin a good outfit more by showing off the unnecessary. Skimpy isn't sexy.
  8. Have confidence in yourself. Healthy body image and strong self-confidence are the best fashion accessories in the world. If you KNOW you could make a garbage bag look good, you're on the right track. Eat healthy, drink water. Take care of your skin and hair. Wear the clothes YOU want to wear, not just clothing that an article told you to. If you aren't happy in the clothes you're wearing, it'll show. Comfortable clothes make you move easier and make you forget you're wearing them. There's no need to go for the sweat pants, though. Simply put: Dress for you, dress for what you want to portray, and dress confidently. Make sure clothes fit you appropriately and that you are mindful of your outward appearance. Dress%20Sexy%20for%20Larger%20Women%20Step%2013.jpg



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