How to Dress Sexy at Work

Is there someone at work you want to impress, like that hot new accountant? Or maybe do want to look hot at work to show off you hot bod? Well now you can dress to impress and leave the others behind, with these simple steps.



  1. Make sure that you are as healthy as can be. You can wear the clothes, but it won't pay off unless you have the true body.
  2. Walk sexy. If you are wearing heels (more on shoes later), I recommend that you walk one foot in front of the other, at a reasonably quick pace. For flats, walk daintily, as if you were stepping on stones across a brook, yet again, still at a reasonable pace.

Makeup and Hair

  1. Try a smoky or cat eye for effect, or some pastels.
  2. Try mocha, pinks, and reds on your lips. They are the best lip colours for looking sexy in.
  3. Use foundation and blush only if you'd like. If you decide to use them, use your regular kind.
  4. Leave your hair down. Curl it or straighten it, it will not matter. Style it functionally, and make sure to keep it cute!


  1. For tops, low necklines work wonders. They show off cleavage, which is a must. No see-through tops, they look trashy. Make sure the shirt won't show off your bra. That's super embarrassing.
  2. For bottoms, wear some skinny pants. Don't wear jeans, because they don't look very professional. Also, wear pencil skirts, they scream "I'm so business chic!!"
  3. Wear some sort of sweater or jacket. Sweaters are cute and cover up the imperfections, yet still keep you looking hot. Blazers say that your ready to take the long way, as long as it pays good.113410%2025.jpg
  4. Pick sexy shoes. Heels are the best way to help show of your amazing legs. They draw attention, while still functional. Flats are sweet and cute, plus they are good for feet.
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