How to Dress Simply for Summer

You're not really in the mood for a girlie yellow checked dress or flashy shoes. No need to waste money on dresses and accessories. All you really need is a t-shirt, shorts and some trainers, sandals, or plain wedges.


  1. You will need a t-shirt. You can try a plain but bright one, in colors green, pink yellow or blue. Or you could try on a fun and logo t-shirt, with paint splats, a funky title, or colorful pictures to do with summer, like a whole beach background, waves, sunshine, surfboard, anything summer-type.Dress%20Simply%20for%20Summer%20Step%201.jpg
  2. Shorts- Dark shorts are in fashion, and always will be. Try Short shorts, or knee length shorts. Its way too hot for jeans. They always have to be cheap and plain. Try dark colors, dark blue, even black if you could find some.Dress%20Simply%20for%20Summer%20Step%202.jpg
  3. Shoes. Try sandals that are either plain, or the same color as your t-shirt. If you really feel fashion, or have them, put on some white, sandy-colored or brown wedges or sandals. Never wear heels in the sand. They could get dirty and stuck in between rocks and sand.Dress%20Simply%20for%20Summer%20Step%203.jpg


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