How to Dress Somebody Up

Have you ever wanted to dress somebody up? Whether they are going to a a party , a fashion show or you are just quite simply embarrassed of what they are wearing? These fantastic tips will get you dressing them up casually in no time at all - and don't worry - No Sweat! It's so easy!


  1. Put on some eyeshadow. Make up - Natural coloured eyeshadow for light skin tones - These colours are good:Dress%20Somebody%20Up%20Step%201%20Version%203.jpg
    • Beige
    • Chocolate brown
    • White
    • Light Green
  2. Try this for dark coloured skin tones - these ones are good-Dress%20Somebody%20Up%20Step%202%20Version%203.jpg
    • Chocolate brown
    • Deep blue
    • Coral blue or green
  3. Put on some blush. Dress%20Somebody%20Up%20Step%203%20Version%203.jpg
    • A small amount of rosy pink blusher on the apples of the cheeks will give them a natural radiant glow , It will make them look nice and healthy and also hydrated.
  4. Add some Clear lipgloss. Dress%20Somebody%20Up%20Step%204%20Version%203.jpg
    • Refreshes and makes there lips nice and shiny.
  5. Dress up the hair. Dress%20Somebody%20Up%20Step%205%20Version%203.jpg
    • If the persons hair looks a little bit dull - Put a very small amount of hair serum on to your hands and run your fingers through their hair to make the serum transform the dullness into shiny and silky.
  6. If her hair is long - 2 cute side ponies will look fab , If it is short , her hair will look beautiful when it is down. Dress%20Somebody%20Up%20Step%206%20Version%203.jpg
  7. Find a nice hat. A cute french hat in either White or Pink will look sweet , especially in pastel colours.Dress%20Somebody%20Up%20Step%207%20Version%203.jpg
  8. Wear some cute studs. Some small shaped studs will be a cute accessories to complete the look.Dress%20Somebody%20Up%20Step%208%20Version%203.jpg
  9. Consider more accessories. A white vest top with a pink beaded necklace looks really cute !Dress%20Somebody%20Up%20Step%209%20Version%203.jpg
  10. Wear them with a skirt and leggings with some sweet dolly shoes or jeans tucked into some fluffy boots , the whole outfit will look Amazing! , Then just accessorize with a bag , belts , bracelets , bangles , rings or even a cute colourful scarf!Dress%20Somebody%20Up%20Step%2010%20Version%203.jpg
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