How to Dress Suitably for a Gig

Wracking your brain over what to wear to a gig? This is the article for you. Here are some tips on how to dress to the occasion and still look good.


  1. Wear the right accessories. You might want to tone it down a notch. It's a gig, not a fashion show. Sure, go ahead and wear a ring or two and some wristbands, but don't pile it on or wear anything dangly. You wouldn't want to get it caught in someone's hair or festooned onto their clothes. Opt for simple rubber wristbands and string bracelets. Beanies look good, too.
  2. Dress appropriately. If the gig is held outdoors, it's going to get hot so you might want to stay light and comfy. If it's indoors, you're still bound to get sweaty in the crowd anyway. DO wear loose-fitting t-shirts, tank tops, shorts, leggings, etc. DON'T wear anything too tight or flashy. You're going to meet tons of people and perhaps make new friends too, so you don't want to attract unwanted attention or give off bad first impressions. Skinny jeans are fine as long as they're not too tight, otherwise it can be restricting to your movements. Shorts skirts are definitely a no-no, you wouldn't want to flash your crotch to random strangers.
  3. Wear the correct shoes. DO wear flat-soled boots or shoes/sneakers with laces. You want your shoes to cover your feet and stay on when you rage in the mosh pit. There's a minimum chance of you getting your shoe back after you lose it in the crowd. DON'T wear slippers, flip-flops or anything that comes off easily. Avoid overly platformed or high-heeled shoes, unless you want to end up with a broken ankle at the end of the gig. Not only are they agonizing to your feet, they add pressure to your knees which will make it difficult for you to walk or jump.
  4. Enjoy yourself! A gig is supposed to unite people who love music and want to enjoy themselves. Loosen up, talk to a couple of strangers. You'll be amazed at how friendly some people can be.


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