How to Dress Summer Chic Style

Dress%20Summer%20Chic%20Intro.jpgPeople often assume summer is a time for being colorblind and casual. Being chic is slightly more difficult when the clothes are less structured than autumn coats and dresses. Living in a country where it is permanently summer, we can help you how to look chic in hot weather.


  1. Pretend you are going to meet a rich man at the beach. The words "rich man" is to ensure that you do not go out scantily dressed. Take some cues from the things you wear to the beach such as pareos, maxi dresses, flip flops and coverups. However, do not go "all the way" beach and compensate with conventional accessories to push the chic factor.
  2. Use the right colors. Colors that make you look like you are burning in a bonfire is not necessarily a good thing. We know summer is the time the sun comes out. always remember bright colors must always be balanced out with neutrals or cool colors.
  3. Invest in charming basics that can take you through all four seasons. this is the time you should go hunting for tubes, tanks and basic tees in all colors. this is also the only time people can actually see the tank in its entirety without being eclipsed by your large coat or leggings. do it. now.
  4. Buy a pareo or a sarong. learn how to tie it and it can double up as a skirt, a tube, a toga dress or a toga top. really. its also a good blanket if you're homeless. really.
  5. Break your accessories down into two groups: the glamorous kind and the wooden kind. if you're dressed down for the beach, put on the glamorous kind suited for a night out. and if you're dressed in a basic top or tee, pile on the ethnic jewelery. you can put ridiculous things like flowers or feathers in your hair this season and it'd be pretty.
  6. Wear flip flops whenever you can.
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