How to Dress Swag/Fly (for Girls)

If you want to know how to dress swag and fly, you've come to the right place. Dressing swag means not only having the right clothes, but also being comfortable with your body and having the right attitude. The term "dress swag" is associated with hip hop culture, but its definition has expanded to mean dressing with confidence, looking cool, and being proud to show off what you've got. If you want to know how to dress swag and fly, then follow these easy tips.


  1. Have the right attitude. You can't dress swag or fly without feeling swag or fly. Swag is a way of life, not just a style of fashion. Swag clothes can be a little out there or outright ridiculous, and to be able to pull them off, you have to act like everything you wear is cool and that your body looks great in your clothes. Here's how you do it:Dress%20Swag_Fly%20(for%20Girls)%20Step%201.jpg
    • Have a healthy amount of confidence. If people see that you're happy with who you are, what you do, and what you wear, then they will be more likely to love your fly look.
    • Don't care what people think. You should know you look good and not care whether other people think you look fly or whack. Though you shouldn't ignore other people's criticism if it's reasonable, you should be comfortable with doing your own thing, which will come out in your outfits.
    • Be proud of your body. Whether you're stick thin or more on the voluptuous side, you should be proud of the body you've got and wear clothes that flaunt your best features. Being proud of your body also means knowing which clothes are flattering to your look, and which make you look a little bit ridiculous.
    • Love your style. You should know that you have a unique style that no one can duplicate. Even if you try to make your wardrobe more swag or fly, you will still have a unique style that is you no matter what. Whenever you dress, your attitude should be, "I'm already awesome and I'm just adding to my rockin' style."
  2. Have the right face and hair. Your face is the first thing people see, so you should make sure your face lets people know that you are fly. You should take time to groom yourself, but not look like you spent hours on your hair and makeup. Here's how you do it:Dress%20Swag_Fly%20(for%20Girls)%20Step%202.jpg
    • Have smoky eyes. Wear black or dark eyeliner or mascara and dark eyeshadow. Your eyes should look luscious and mysterious at the same time.
    • Wear lip gloss or lipstick. Show off your lips with a subtle shade or gloss.
    • Have a bold hair style. You can have short and spiky hair, hair that falls to your chin with side-swept bangs, or long wavy hair that falls past your shoulders.
    • Change your hair from time to time. If you get bored with your look, dye your hair a loud purple or red, or go from long hair to short.
    • Put product in your hair to enhance your look, but not so much that your hair looks greasy.
    • Rock a face piercing, if you can. A piercing in your nose or on your eyebrow can add to your fly look.
  3. Wear swag tops. The right top will show people that you're proud of your unique look as well as your body. You can show off your stomach, or wear loose and baggy t-shirts if that's what you're in the mood for. Whatever top you wear, you have to make sure to wear it right and that it goes with your look. Here are some things to try:Dress%20Swag_Fly%20(for%20Girls)%20Step%203.jpg
    • Tank tops. Your tank top can be tight, a little loose, or strapless if you're feeling bold. If you want to show off your rockin' abs, you can wear a belly shirt or even a half-top.
    • T-shirts. You can wear a big baggy t-shirt, a graphic tee, or a shirt with a prominent logo on it.
    • Jackets. Leather or letterman jackets will complete your look.
    • Jerseys. Wear a jersey or jacket with your favorite current basketball player's last name on the back. Or, for a more retro look, wear something with the name of Jordan or another retired player on it. Part of being fly is not caring if everything you're wearing is up-to-date. It doesn't matter where or when it's from, as long as it looks good.
    • If you're feeling bold, wear a top barely bigger than a bikini under a jacket. If you can rock it, why not?
    • Wear a hoodie or a sweatshirt with a well-known logo like Adidas on it.
    • Wear a gold jacket with a lot of zippers.
  4. Look swag from the belt down. Your shirt and pants should go together, or should purposefully not match. A tight shirt will look fly with baggy pants, and a baggy top can work great with tight pants. If you want to look fly, you have to have the bottoms to pull of your look. Here are a few options to try:Dress%20Swag_Fly%20(for%20Girls)%20Step%204.jpg
    • Put on a pair of drop-crotch or chachi pants. They'll look fly with a tight t-shirt or tank top.
    • Wear a pair of baggy sweat pants with bright kicks and a tight top.
    • Show what you've got and put on a pair of booty shorts.
    • Skinny jeans or loose skinny jeans.
    • Wear anything loud or bright. Don't be afraid to wear bright yellow or neon if it feels right.
    • Rock animal prints. Wear pants with zebra stripes or leopard spots to bring attention to yourself.
    • Baggy basketball shorts can be great for your look too.
  5. Wear fly kicks. Your shoes can make or break your outfit and can be the item that holds all of your wild patterns together. Your shoes can be the loudest and most fun part of your outfit, so you can't go wrong as long as you're trying to be outrageous. Here are some shoes to wear:Dress%20Swag_Fly%20(for%20Girls)%20Step%205.jpg
    • Wear name-brand basketball shoes like Adidas, Supra, or Nike.
    • Wear black and white converse. Keep the laces on or you won't look hip, but like a hipster.
    • Wear black socks along with your shoes, and pull them up high.
    • If you want to be dressy, put on a pair of loud chunky black, gold, or silver heels.
  6. Have fly accessories. Part of having swag or fly is having the confidence to put yourself out there. This means that having loud, fun, or silly accessories can help complete your look. When you're trying to be fly, just a few key items can pull off your look, or you can wear a lot of accessories at once — and do it with pride. These are some swag accessories that can tie your hip outfit together:Dress%20Swag_Fly%20(for%20Girls)%20Step%206.jpg
    • Put on jewelry, and lots of it. Wear silver and gold hoop earrings, chunky black necklaces, chains, or dog tags.
    • Wear chunky rings, bangles, and spiky bracelets.
    • Cover your head with a bandana, snap-back hat, or just a baseball hat with a wide brim.
    • Wear oversized glasses with a black frame.
    • Paint your nails black or a bold color.


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