How to Dress Sweet Lolita

Sweet Lolita is a Kawaii (cute) fashion that started in Japan and is based on Victorian style. But putting together an outfit can be hard and you can end up an Ita (Ita is a Lolita who does not know what she is doing and outfits turn out over done or just not right)


  1. Decide on your budget. If you have the money to spend, then brand dresses like Angelic Pretty and Baby the Stars Shine Bright are very high end styles. Note, these brands are not recommended for beginners. But if you don't have much money and/or are just nervous, then buy from off brand places like Bodyline or buy second hand. These styles are just as nice and more budget friendly.
  2. Make sure you accessorize with the right items. Some good places to buy accessories are:
    • Kawaii Goods
    • 6% Doki Doki
    • And even Etsy
  3. Steer clear from cheap costume dresses. They may say Lolita, but usually are not. They can be made from cheap materials, are very short and show too much cleavage. Remember, Lolita is a modest style! If you are looking for a sexy style, Lolita is not for you.
  4. Have fun! After you have got a good outfit pulled together you might want to attend Lolita meet ups. These are mini-parties were Lolitas from around the city come to hang out and meet new Lolita friends!



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