How to Dress Tznius for Women

The term tznius in Hebrew means modesty. Most often it is associated with the appropriate way to dress. Most orthodox Jews follow some form of tznius, though customs vary between levels of orthodoxy and the community where one lives. Some orthodox women are so strict that they will only wear long sleeves, long skirts, and neutral colors. Others are more relaxed and are willing to wear any color, short sleeves, and in some cases pants. This article is written to be neutral to all levels of observance.


  1. If you are very strict, your top should be as follows: Dress%20Tznius%20for%20Women%20Step%201.jpg
    • Sleeves should be all the way to the wrists.
    • The fabric of the top must not be see-through.
    • The shirt should be loose-fitting and not cling to the skin ("bodycon" style).
    • The hem of the shirt should be at least several inches below the top of the skirt so that when you lift your arms or bend over, no skin is exposed.
    • The neckline should cover at least the lowest part of the neck.
    • If the shirt has buttons (full button-down or polo style), all buttons should be buttoned, including the top button. If this is uncomfortable, either purchase a larger size for a larger neck or wear another garment underneath, and the top button can be open.
      • It is recommended that you use a pin of some type to cover the top button. This serves as a reminder not to unconsciously undo the top button. If you do not like wearing flashy jewelry, the pin can be of a flat-looking neutral metal.
  2. If you are less strict about the top: Dress%20Tznius%20for%20Women%20Step%202.jpg
    • Consider if you feel comfortable in a minimum of elbow sleeves, short sleeves, cap sleeves, or if sleeveless is acceptable to you
    • Consider how low of a neckline you feel comfortable with. Some women will not wear anything below the neck. Others feel comfortable with scoop or V-necks.
  3. Most likely, you will be wearing skirts. But not all skirts may be tznius for you, depending on your custom.Dress%20Tznius%20for%20Women%20Step%203.jpg
    • Try on all skirts on the store to be sure they are long enough to meet your standards. Due to height variations, a skirt that comes down to the ankles on one person may only go down to the knees on another.
  4. If you are married, you may be covering your hair. There are a variety of hair coverings on the market available, including wigs (sheitl), snoods, headscarves, and hats. Stores in your community probably sell these for this purpose.Dress%20Tznius%20for%20Women%20Step%204.jpg



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