How to Dress Unique Without Spending Too Much Money

Do you want to dress unique and be different from others without spending too much money? Then you came to the right article. Keep reading if you are interested.


  1. Look in your closet
    • Throw out any clothes you don't want to keep anymore or clothes that don't fit you anymore.
  2. Go thrift-shopping!
    • So if you want to be unique, you would want to look in some thrift shops. Thrift shops are usually very cheap so you won't be spending much money. Try to avoid going to the mall because everything there is what everybody wears and you want to stand out right? So go look in the thrift shops instead. Try to find something very unique and something you like.
  3. Don't follow any trends!
    • You want to be yourself and you want to be unique. So avoid following any trends. Trust me, you will stand out more if you take my advice. You will stand out while everybody is wearing the same thing.
  4. Design your own clothes
    • If you have a plain shirt or a boring old shirt sitting in your closet, then why don't you just design it yourself?
    First of all, you won't be spending money (unless you buy art supplies but I suggest using what you already have), and second of all, it would be alot more unique if you designed it. Try to be really creative with this. Make it into something that will turn heads and make it something really different from the clothes that other people wear.
  5. Be yourself and have fun!
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