How to Dress Unique and Girly

Many girls follow the same trendy style but if you wear something different then you would be awesome and all the boys would drop dead for you!


  1. Do You Have A Fashion Icon? If you have one make sure they are close to your age and that what they wear is comfy and stylish enough for you! My fashion icons are Rowan Blanchard, Sabrina Carpenter, Victoria Justice, Ariel Winter, And Ariana Grande.
  2. If you want to dress fun and unique then I suggest you go to Forever 21, Lulu Lemon, Urban Outfitters, Justice (if you are 8-12) , and for some cool shoes go to UGG AUSTRALIA, Nike, Cole Hann, for some juicy bags go to Gucci, Tommy Hilfiger, Coach, for sportswear go to ADIDA , L. L. Bean, Sports Authority , FootUndeez, Footlocker, PUMA, and for covering up go to Victoria Secret, Juicy Couture, PINK, and that's all!
  3. For unique and fresh hair get it done by a professional hairstylist. The hairstyles that you should pick are bob cuts, Donna haircut, layers, or wavy curls. You should dye your hair ombre, the color patterns would be pink and purple, brown and blonde, Fiesty red and caramel, that's it
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