How to Dress Up As Angel from Maximum Ride

Angel from Maximum Ride is a cute 7 year old who is quite powerful. Read on for some tips on how to dress up like her.


Creating the Outfit

  1. Angel was young, but she was on the run. Get a pair of ripped blue jeans (NOT from the shop: they fall apart) and blue shirt that is appropriate for the weather. If you have cold weather, wear a short fleece jacket.
  2. Your shoes will vary, but they should be preferably sneakers. No jewelry and no make up. She was 7 and homeless. Why would she have that?
  3. Angel had blonde hair and blue eyes. If you don't have blonde hair, get a wig. If you don't have blue eyes, you can put colored contacts in; but they can damage your eyes.

Making Wings

  1. Get some chicken wire. Bend it into a double wing shape with a hoop around your waist. Glue on white feathers facing down and let dry.
  2. Once it is dry, make sure it fits around your hips before dressing up.
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