How to Dress Up As Book Characters

Planning to be a person based on a book? Whether it's a school play or Halloween, look no further! Here is everything you need.


  1. Research. No good trying to be a person you know nothing about. First of all read the book, watch the movie based off it (unless it's a bad movie adaption! Read the book first!). If the movie's any good, try to check YouTube, some actors sometimes talk about their character. Check Wikipedia, if it's a famous book, check wikiHow, some pages write about how to look & act like famous book characters! Remember to write everything from the book in a little notebook (e.g "she flipped her brown hair", to mark that she is brown haired, or "she often lost her temper quickly" to mark she is hot-tempered)Dress%20Up%20As%20Book%20Characters%20Step%201.jpg
  2. Find similar clothing. As said, there are often wikiHow pages for some characters. Collect everything. If you have a book character, lets take Alaska Young from the book "Looking for Alaska", check what situation she is most in. In "Looking for Alaska" she is mostly in her everyday clothing, which varies. However, using the first time she is described, is best, as that is what the character in book usually wears. In "Looking for Alaska" that is an orange tanktop and jean shorts and straight, black hair. Similar clothe can be either difficult or easy to find. If you can spare some money, you can easily find cheap clothe in second hand shops, some might need some customization. Look in arts & crafts shops for clothing dye, textile markers etc. You can also try using your old clothing, like making shorts out of a pair of old jeans.Dress%20Up%20As%20Book%20Characters%20Step%202.jpg
  3. At least try to affect a similarity. Not everyone has big eyes, perfect skin and black hair like Alaska. Luckily, this part isn't always as important. But if you play a very pale girl from the 18th Century, you should try getting your skin a bit paler, a cheap foundation can be used, perhaps one from your friend. If you want to get really into it, you can get contact lenses. Also check beauty gurus like Michelle Phan on YouTube to check how to change eye, face and eyebrow shape. With the hair, if you're born curly & blonde and dye is not an option, you can skip this step. However you should try at least a bit, at least straighten it and put it into your characters signature hair-do.Dress%20Up%20As%20Book%20Characters%20Step%203.jpg
  4. Act the part. For Halloween this isn't necessary -although it is always good to have some famous quotes ready, if your character has any! Are you in a play, this is the most important step. Use all your research! How would your person react in some situations? The first step is very important for this one!Dress%20Up%20As%20Book%20Characters%20Step%204.jpg
  5. Write some fanfiction. You don't have to show it to anyone, but if you have a liking for writing, this step might as well be done. Write your character in other situations, other endings to the book perhaps. Use your imagination! This step is great, because it forces you into thinking like the character, as you place them in other situations!Dress%20Up%20As%20Book%20Characters%20Step%205.jpg


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