How to Dress Up As Giselle from "Enchanted"

Giselle.jpgDo you want to be like Princess Giselle? Who doesn't? Follow this easy guide and soon you'll be having animals clean your house!


  1. Be flawlessly cheerful and kind, even to those that aren't so nice. Giselle never said anything that wasn't kind.
  2. Be confused. Along with kind she had the innocents of ignorance
  3. Sing, and sing happy songs! If you're afraid people will look at you funny, hum! Anyone can hum and sound good.
  4. Flirting is okay.
  5. Wear pretty dresses and make your hair like Giselle's. You can make it long, like she had it at the beginning, or shorter, as she had it at the end.




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