How to Dress Up As Nico Di Angelo for Halloween or a Party

You're a HUGE "Percy Jackson" Fan, and Nico has always been your favorite character. Dont worry, you're just like me. Here, I will tell you how to dress up as Nico Di Angelo for Halloween. Good Luck!



  1. Stay within that budget. You can always borrow a skull T-shirt from your older bro, and an aviator jacket from your dad, thus it costing less. Just remember to stay withing the budget.
  2. Make sure that your costume looks realistic. By the way, this is NOT The original "Official Arts" from Uncle Rick. Ugh, No.

Getting the Peices together.

  1. Get your hair dye (if your hair isnt black) and get ready! We're talking about getting ready to actually get the costume.
  2. Sketch out the drawing of how you're going to look.
  3. Gather your items. You will need        -Wig/Hair dye (optional)         -Aviator Jacket-           Skull tshirt, preferably dark       -Dark Jacket        -Dark Jeans


  1. Put on makeup or look at other articles online to find out more. Look at fanart. Put the costume together, and actually, use a mcdonalds Happy Meal box for a trick or treating bag. Have fun!
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