How to Dress Up As Tod from Fox and the Hound

Vintage%20%22The%20Fox%20and%20the%20Hound%22%20Disney%20Character%20Watch%20by%20Bradley%20Time,%20Manual%20Wind,%20Circa%201980.jpg Do you remember that classic character of Tod who was a cute little baby fox when he was born and you want to be like him then read on for some interesting steps.


  1. Go to a costume shop. Find the ears and get the fox costume or any of your choice. It should not be that difficult!
  2. Put on your ears. If you put on the ears on your head. They will look good and it will give a very good detail to your character.
  3. Make a fox tail if you want. You can print out a image of any kind of bushy tail for a good look and you can use glue to put it on the back of your costume.



Things You'll Need

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