How to Dress Up As the TARDIS from Doctor Who

Oooh! Halloween! Who isn't excited?! For Doctor Who fans, of course the main question is, "What character"? But, as you might not have known, it doesn't HAVE to be a character! Why not dress up as the TARDIS? It's cheap, easy, unique, and super fun. Read on...


  1. Take your cardboard box and paint the TARDIS on to it. You might want to use a picture for reference, and you can print the sign and stick it on.Dress%20Up%20As%20the%20TARDIS%20from%20Doctor%20Who%20Step%201.jpg
  2. Cut out the lower flaps, and at the opposite end make arm-holes, and a hole for the neck. Dress%20Up%20As%20the%20TARDIS%20from%20Doctor%20Who%20Step%202.jpg
  3. Put it on. Push your head through the bottom area where you cut the flaps off, and push your arms through the arm holes.Dress%20Up%20As%20the%20TARDIS%20from%20Doctor%20Who%20Step%203.jpg
  4. DONE! Dress%20Up%20As%20the%20TARDIS%20from%20Doctor%20Who%20Step%204.jpg



Things You'll Need

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