How to Dress Up Band Aids with Washi Tape

faSave money and still look like an awesome parent by covering plain old Band-Aids® with Japanese Washi tape. You can now customize your adhesive bandages any way that you (or your child) please without having to pay extra for pre-made designer Band-Aids.


Designing the Band-Aids

  1. Determine the types of designs you’d like to create on the Band-Aids. You have several options such as:Dress%20Up%20Band%20Aids%20with%20Washi%20Tape%20Step%202.jpg
    • Covering the whole of the Band-Aid or only a portion of it.
    • Cutting out a shape in the Washi tape that will fit within the Band-Aid strip. Ideas for shapes include: a star, an animal's head or some letters.
    • You could even choose Washi tape that matches the colors or patterns of your child’s outfit.

Making a Bandage Kit for Storage

  1. Create your own special bandage kit with a variety of shapes and sized Band-Aids covered in Washi tape. Empty out an old Band-Aid box or empty a small tin to keep your decorated Band-Aids.Dress%20Up%20Band%20Aids%20with%20Washi%20Tape%20Step%204Bullet2.jpg
    • As well as Washi tape-covered Band-Aids, keep antibacterial cream or soap in this bandage kit for quick and easy clean up after scrapes, cuts and bumps.

Creating the Washi Tape Band-Aids

  1. Obtain the desired number of Band-Aid sizes and shapes. Consider keeping a one-month supply on hand at all times.Dress%20Up%20Band%20Aids%20with%20Washi%20Tape%20Step%204Bullet1.jpg
  2. Measure the first Band-Aid. Transfer the measurements to the first piece of Washi tape.Dress%20Up%20Band%20Aids%20with%20Washi%20Tape%20Step%204Bullet3.jpg
  3. Cut the Washi tape to size (or in a shape if using one). Apply to the top of the Band-Aid. Smooth out any wrinkles, then move onto the next piece.Dress%20Up%20Band%20Aids%20with%20Washi%20Tape%20Step%204Bullet4.jpg

Involving your Child

  1. Set up an area where your child can make his or her own Washi tape Band-Aids. In some cases, engaging your child in a small craft will take his or her mind off any injury and bring the focus back to something fun.Dress%20Up%20Band%20Aids%20with%20Washi%20Tape%20Step%205.jpg
    • Find a shoebox or larger empty tin to keep your supplies. Include a pair of sharp scissors in addition to the Band Aids and assortment of Washi tape.Dress%20Up%20Band%20Aids%20with%20Washi%20Tape%20Step%205Bullet1.jpg
  2. Allow your child to select the Washi tape he or she would like to cover the Band-Aid with. Dress%20Up%20Band%20Aids%20with%20Washi%20Tape%20Step%205Bullet2.jpg
  3. Measure and cut the Washi Tape for your child. Then allow your child to apply it to the Band-Aid independently (or with your assistance if needed).Dress%20Up%20Band%20Aids%20with%20Washi%20Tape%20Step%205Bullet3.jpg
  4. Finished. Your child will delight in wearing the self-created pretty Band-Aids.Dress%20Up%20Band%20Aids%20with%20Washi%20Tape%20Intro.jpg



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