How to Dress Up Dance Attire

This article teaches you to dress at a dance.


  1. When going to a dance, make sure you have nothing that fits you and that would suit the occasion in your closet, before going out to buy something.
  2. If you are set on buying a new dress, then choose one that flatters your figure. If you are short and stocky than a high waisted floor length dress would be best, if you are tall you can do floor length or short. But never do three inches above knee length. That is 'slutty'.
  3. Also be sure that the colour fits your hair. If you have Red hair then bright springy colours are best, with Yellow you can do bright and dark. With darker hair then you should wear dark colours, or the occasional bright one, as long as its not too bright.
  4. If you are scared something does not look good on you, ask a faimly member or friend. Be sure they are not the kind of person that would lie to you just to make you feel better.
  5. If you are planning to go to a summer/spring occasion, then choose a bright colour to match the season. I would say stay away from prints if you can help it. Don't put on to much makeup, it will make you look like you are trying way to hard. Keep in mind the occasion, if you are going to a wedding or prom then wear a floor length or at least below knee level dress. A late night party or a friend's party, you can wear a dress thats a little less formal.
  6. Always think of what your mother would say. If you are planning on wearing a super short flirty outfit with tons of red lipstick then think of the look on your mothers face. This may help you to look more proper among friends/faimly/strangers.
  7. If you have a crush going to the same party as you stay away from short and curvy dresses, though they may look tempting they are not very attractive and will just make people form wrong ideas about you.



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