How to Dress Up Like Someone Else

Sometimes we want or we need (e.g. theatre) to dress up like someone else. Here are some things that can help you.


  1. Decide which person you want to dress up like.
  2. Study his or her style carefully. Not just one of her/his outfits but his/her general image. E.g., Nick tends to wear big glasses.
  3. Take notes for that person like : which is his/her favorite color , which is her favorite dress etc. Ask the person personally some things about his/her style or if it's not possible (e.g. he/she is a celebrity) ask other for that person or just study him/her carefully.
  4. If it's necessary, change your hairstyle or wear a wig.
  5. Check your wardrobe before you go shopping. Ask help and borrow things from your friends too.
  6. After you have collected all the necessary things (shoes, etc. ) it's time to dress up!
  7. If you want to be realistic, copy a little the way that the person that you have chosen acts, speaks etc.



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