How to Dress Up Like a Genderbent Harry Potter

Do you want to dress up like Harry Potter for halloween, but you're a girl? Here i'll teach you how to dress up as a genderbent Harry Potter


  1. Dark Hair and Green Eyes will help you look more like Harry Potter if you have dark hair -- the best is black -- and green eyes. So grab some contact lenses and hair dye.
  2. You need a wand. You can find a smooth stick and use it.Or find a strong stick and wittle off the first layer of wood.Or have a real wand.
  3. To be Harry Potter, you need a robe. At many stores you can find a cheap bath robe, and you can use fabric marker or fabric paint to draw red and golden stripes on some parts of the robe.
  4. Now, for the last step, you need a lightning scar. You can go to hobby lobby and get some cheap face paint, and paint a red scar on your forehead.
  5. VUELLA! That's it.
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