How to Dress Up Your Camping Tent

make a tent your OWN way design, personalize and sleep in fashion


  1. Choose your tent. Depending on how many people you will have sleeping in the tent, decides what size tent you should buy.
    • A tent that is weather resistant is the best.
    • Make sure you like the color.
  2. Put a tarp down underneath, and over top the tent.
    • This will prevent any rain, or morning dew inside your tent.
  3. Place a mattress down in your tent. This can be an air mattress.
    • You can use either sleeping bags, or bed sheets for in your tent.
  4. Lay down blankets, and pillows.
  5. Hang ribbons, and streamers. This will give the tent a pop of color.
  6. Place a chair, and mini table inside your tent.
    • Skip this step if you don't have enough room in your tent.
  7. Have books, magazines, and different games to have in your tent.
  8. Hang up lanterns.
    • These can be fun, party lanterns, or normal camping ones.



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