How to Dress Up Your Pet

Little%20Red%20Riding%20Hood%20%20%20Dog%20Dressed%20as%20the%20Big%20Bad%20Wolf%20in%20Disguise.jpgSo you want to dress up your pet for a dog show or friends coming round? Read on.


  1. Consider the type of pet. You don't want to be putting dresses on a 4 year old German Shepard that tends to bite or be violent.
    • If your pet is too young or grumpy to be dressed up, consider a fancy glam collar instead, that you can buy in your local pet store.
  2. Understand that if your pet has a leash that straps round its waist she or he will properly be used to the feeling and you can put a skirt or trousers on them.
  3. Purchase a pet costume or clothes for your pet from the pet store. You could also make your own. Raincoats or sweaters serve practical purposes, and Halloween costumes are fun for parties.
  4. Put the dress up clothes onto your dog. Be gentle with their limbs and give them treats if they are patient.
  5. Take a few pictures. If your pet is uncomfortable in the clothing and tries to get it off, don't leave it on for very long.


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