How to Dress Up a Boring Cardigan

Cardigans are a useful yet often plain addition to the standard wardrobe. If you feel that your cardis are letting you down a little in the fashion department, try dressing them up a little, to give them more pizazz.


Changing the cardigan

  1. Accessorize. You can match many accessories with cardigans, such as: long or short necklaces, colourful bracelets, pearl earrings, and so forth.
  2. Add a small badge or a brooch. You can add a small badge or brooch to keep the dress-up change simple and cute.
  3. Dye the cardigan a new colour. If the cardi is looking a bit tired and old, or you're not really into the colour it already has, consider using dye to make a big change to it. Another option is tie-dyeing or ombre dyeing.
  4. Sew jewelery items onto the cardigan. Amass old costume jewelery pieces and sew them onto the cardigan in interesting ways. Just be aware that this usually means hand washing the cardigan from this point on.
  5. Turn the cardigan around the other way. Button it up from the back and you suddenly have a much more interesting way of wearing the article.

Changing related features to help style up the cardi

  1. Change your hairstyle. Change your hairstyle to match the style tone of your cardigan. If you're going to the park, shops, dentist, and so forth, then wear your hair in a ponytail or a braid. If you're going on a date or something formal and modern, then wear your hair to the side or keep it loose. Add a ribbon that matches the color of the cardigan.
  2. Match your shoes or outfit colour. Mixing and matching is a good way to blend the cardigan in nicely. Match your pants colour (tights, shorts, jeans, etc.) with your cardigan's colour or even your shoe colour.



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