How to Dress Up a Boring Sweater

Everyone wears sweaters almost everywhere they go. Even YOU. But do you think plain sweaters are boring? Then read on!! (for girls only!)


  1. Accessorize. You can match many accessories with sweaters such as, long necklaces, colourful bracelets, short necklaces, pearl earrings and much more!Wear%20Sweaters%20Step%2010.jpg
  2. Change your hair style. You can change your hair style to match your sweater. If you're going to the park, shops, dentist etc, then wear your hair in a ponytail or braid. If you're going on a date or something formal and modern, then wear your hair to the side or keep it loose.Wear%20Sweaters%20Step%207.jpg
  3. Match your shoes or outfit colour. Mixing and matching is the number one thing many girls do. So try and match your pants colour (tights, shorts, jeans etc.) with your sweater's colour or even your shoes colour.Select%20Shoes%20to%20Wear%20with%20an%20Outfit%20Step%2034.jpg
  4. Add a small badge. You can add a small badge to keep it simple and cute. Note that adding a badge is optional.
  5. Be creative! You don't have to JUST follow these steps. You can also try your own thing to dress it up.



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