How to Dress Up a Pumpkin with a Stocking

Dressing up a pumpkin with a stocking is an easy way to make a Halloween decoration. Choose patterned stockings for the most interesting look, such as lace or fishnet designs. The pumpkin's orange color will peer through the stocking, allowing for an interesting contrast.


Choosing the stocking

  1. Choose the stocking according to how you think the design on the stockings will end up showing when stretched across the pumpkin's surface. While you can simply use whatever stocking you have in the sock drawer, some stocking designs are more interesting than others, so a visit to the dollar store might be in order. Here are some suggestions:Dress%20Up%20a%20Pumpkin%20with%20a%20Stocking%20Step%201.jpg
    • Fishnet stockings
    • Lacy stockings
    • Patterned stockings
    • Plain black or white stockings.

Placing the stocking on the pumpkin

  1. Take the stockings out of the packaging. Stretch open the opening of the stocking leg.Dress%20Up%20a%20Pumpkin%20with%20a%20Stocking%20Step%202.jpg
  2. Ease the pumpkin inside the stocking. The toe area will sit underneath the pumpkin. The open area (for inserting the leg usually) will cradle around the pumpkin's stem.Dress%20Up%20a%20Pumpkin%20with%20a%20Stocking%20Step%203.jpg
  3. Wrap the open end of the stocking around the stem of the pumpkin. Either tie a neat knot using the stocking end or glue in place.Dress%20Up%20a%20Pumpkin%20with%20a%20Stocking%20Step%204.jpg
    • Alternatively, wrap a rubber band around it to keep it in place (a hair elastic in the same color is a good choice).
  4. Done. The easy-as stocking pumpkin is now ready for placing on display.Dress%20Up%20a%20Pumpkin%20with%20a%20Stocking%20Step%205.jpg


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