How to Dress Up a T Shirt

When you are in the troubling situation that you have to go to a distant shop to buy new clothes for a party, stop! Don't worry, there's no need to head for the mall, as long as you have a t-shirt ready here on the net. Just read the steps and go in a happy mood to the party, but be careful to read any warnings (If given).


  1. Take the t-shirt you want and take some colourful buttons.
  2. Now stitch the buttons in the place you choose.
  3. After you complete take a cardboard piece.
  4. Cut it in the middle in the shape of your choice (heart,writing,triangle,etc)
  5. You may use a pair of scissors or a craft cutter,etc.
  6. Now trace it out on your t-shirt with paint.
  7. At the last fill in the colour and you are ready to go to the party.



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