How to Dress Up as Pikachu from Pokemon

faPikachu has been the mascot and the number one Pokemon for a long time. If you're keen to dress up like Pikachu to show your love, it's really easy as you'll find out here. just try it out.


  1. Prepare the headwear. Try to make or buy Pikachu ears. A yellow headband and cardboard works – just color the cardboard yellow and the tips black and fold it into a cone-like shape, then glue it onto the headband.Dress%20Up%20as%20Pikachu%20from%20Pokemon%20Step%201.jpg
  2. Make your face Pikachu-like. Using approved body paint, paint your cheeks red with either face-paint or blush. Try to paint your nose black if you can, and if you're keen, paint your whole face yellow – just be careful not to paint your eyes!Dress%20Up%20as%20Pikachu%20from%20Pokemon%20Step%202.jpg
  3. Create the torso. Try to get a yellow shirt, or dye/paint a white shirt yellow. If you can dye the yellow shirt, add three brown stripes in the middle of the back.Dress%20Up%20as%20Pikachu%20from%20Pokemon%20Step%203.jpg
  4. Prepare the bottom part of the costume. Yellow trousers work best, and for the tail you could try getting some stiff yellow cloth or more cardboard. Cut it into a lightning bolt shape, color most of it yellow except for the very bottom; the part that goes onto your pants should be brown. Either stick the tail in a back pocket, tape/staple it, or glue it on.Dress%20Up%20as%20Pikachu%20from%20Pokemon%20Step%204.jpg
  5. Add some shoes. Yellow shoes work great as they somewhat resemble Pikachu's feet. If not, just go for any kind of yellow shoe, sneaker, etc. Try to avoid sandals though, Pikachu doesn't have human toes and you shouldn't show yours off!Dress%20Up%20as%20Pikachu%20from%20Pokemon%20Step%205.jpg
    • Cheap tennis/canvas shoes are really easy to color yellow with markers, or dye.
  6. Add a few extras. If you really want to push it, (say you're going to a Halloween party), get some yellow gloves and paint whatever part of your body isn't covered yellow. A long-sleeved shirt and long-pants are better then a t-shirt and shorts if it's cold-ish out, as it keeps you warm and yellow.Dress%20Up%20as%20Pikachu%20from%20Pokemon%20Step%206.jpg
  7. Admire your costume in the mirror. Try to only say "Pi" "ka" "chu" "Pika" "Pikachu" or "Chuu" when in character.Dress%20Up%20as%20Pikachu%20from%20Pokemon%20Step%207.jpg




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